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DirectionMode Enumeration

The number of directions a sprite manager should use.

Namespace:  SpriteMan3D
Assembly:  SpriteMan3D (in SpriteMan3D.dll) Version: (
public enum DirectionMode
  Member nameValueDescription
TwoWay0 Denotes a model with 2 directions: East (E), West (W)
FourWay1 Denotes a model with 4 directions: North (N), East (E), South (S), West (W)
EightWay2 Denotes a model with 8 directions: North (N), Northeast (NE), East (E), Southeast (SE), South (S), Southwest (SW), West (W), Northwest (NW)
SixteenWay3 Denotes a model with 16 directions: North (N), North-northeast (NNE), Northeast (NE), East-northeast (ENE), East (E), East-southeast (ESE), Southeast (SE), South-southeast (SSE), South (S), South-southwest (SSW), Southwest (SW), West-southwest (WSW), West (W), West-northwest (WNW), Northwest (NW), North-northwest (NNW)
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